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Join us for an exciting high school hackathon that brings together talented students, innovative ideas, and cutting-edge technology.


100% virtual from anywhere. Next event starts April 6th 2024!

No coding experience necessary

Why Participate?

At TechXcelerate, we believe that youth is the biggest asset to the future of tech. Our fully virtual hackathon provides a dynamic platform for high school students to showcase their coding skills, tackle real-world challenges, and unleash their innovative potential. 

Strengthen your Tech Skills

Whether you're a novice or an experienced coder, our hackathon provides an opportunity to enhance your skills and expand your knowledge.

Innovate and Create

At our hackathon, we invite you to unleash your creativity. It's your chance to explore uncharted territories, think outside the box, and bring your wildest ideas to life.

Meet Like Minded Peers

Collaborate with like-minded peers and gain new perspectives as you work together to solve real-world problems.

From Our Last Event

100% Participant Satisfaction

~250 Total Participants

$60,000+ In Prizes

17+ Countries Reached

10 Generous Sponsors

9/10 Average Experience

What to Expect

Networking Opportunities

Connect with fellow participants, expand your network, and forge meaningful relationships with other talented individuals who share your passion for coding and technology.

Cash Prize

Compete for thousands of dollars worth of prizes!

Expert Judges

Get your project judged and evaluated by industry level professionals!

Project Showcase

Present your final projects to a panel of judges and peers, highlighting your innovation and problem-solving approach.

Our Sponsors


What are you waiting for?

Common Questions

Common Questions

Our next event will happen February 2024! Any high school student is allowed, excluding standard exceptions by Devpost. 

Make sure you have a working internet connection and join our Discord server for announcements and communication. Submissions will be through Devpost so make sure you create an account!

Nope! Beginners are welcome!

Teams of 1-4 people are allowed. 

Of course! There are thousands of dollars worth of prizes courtesy of our sponsors!

Feel free to email us at

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